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We traveled from Peru to the Bolivian border by bus, accompanied by locals as well as tourists. As we left the bus at the border station, quite unsure of ourselves, the driver stayed behind and directed us toward some buildings off in the distance.  He advised us not to photograph anything at the border, particularly not the soldiers.  We nervously waited in a long, single-file line that curled around a small building, under the prying gaze of sour-looking, heavily armed soldiers. I wondered if interpreters were present, and if the soldiers would ask us any questions. Some fanciful scenarios of being detained indefinitely and not understood crossed my mind. 

Our passports were eventually stamped and we breathed a sigh of relief as we were granted access to Bolivia. The whole process was rather frightening and intimidating for me.  The military presence was certainly not very welcoming, but we quickly felt more comfortable as we boarded yet another bus and made our way inside the country.

We were transported to a busy boat dock in Copacabana, the largest city in the Bolivian Lake Titicaca area.  Here we were united with our spiritual and very personable guide Marcos, and though our time in Bolivia was short, a great connection formed between us.  The craft we all boarded at the dock was a large and modern hydrofoil, and its route was to take us to the sacred islands of the lake before dropping us off directly at our Bolivian hotel.

Skimming on the lake's surface at extremely high speed in luxury was quite a contrast to traveling in the slow and small fishing boats that putted us around the lake in Peru.  It felt freeing to literally fly around the lake, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time connecting to the water.  The locals in their reed boats seemed to accept our presence graciously.  Eco tourism was contributing needed funds to the area, in a way that benefited many indigenous people. 

On this particular afternoon, the lake was again quite turbulent and rough. We had a short time on the Island of the Moon, where we slowly climbed to a high vantage point that afforded us a gorgeous view of the water and surrounding islands.  The vista of the land and water and sky appeared expansive and inviting. The far edge of the water literally melted into the lapis blue sky in all directions, eventually to meet the clouds.  We climbed down the island's paths and stairs and cautiously approached the rocking and bucking hydrofoil.  Safely onboard, we embarked to visit the Island of the Sun.

The wind roared and played with the waves as we traversed the waters between the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon.  The depth and power of this ocean-like lake greeted us strongly, like an old friend. Upon its most tumultuous depths, we felt called to gift the cold, deep lake water a large and clear Lemurian quartz crystal. It was one of seven that we were guided to bring with us on our world journey.

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