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The seven crystals had been energetically charged during a sacred ceremony among Sedona's red rocks on the Harmonic Concordance, November 8, 2003. Water charged at this ceremony became part of the Seed Water that was part of every Water Ritual.  Our friend and spiritual mentor Adam Yellowbird called together a group of what came to be about 40 people to celebrate this monumental astrological event in sacred ceremony.  We hiked together to our chosen spot in reverence.  All of us; young and old, big and small, seasoned hikers as well as those who rarely climbed, ascended the red rock mountain. 

High atop a circular mesa just below Sedona's Devil’s Bridge Arch, our energy joined in harmony with the energy of thousands of others celebrating this consciousness raising event. The seven crystals and water were placed on an altar in the center of a large six pointed star that we precisely drew on the flat red rock mesa in cornmeal.  Our energy, and the power and energy of the elements and the cosmos embraced the water and crystals as we opened our hearts, and held a vision for the highest healing for all.  We celebrated in joy, with a spirit of gratitude and oneness.  We stayed in this place of awesome natural beauty until after dark, when the thick night clouds parted and gave us a perfect view of the lunar eclipse.

All seven crystals were eventually gifted to the world's waters with love, intention and prayer.  After Lake Titicaca, the others were gifted to the Thames River, the Nile River, the Ganges River, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, as well as to a friend and dolphin communicator in Hawaii. 

As all of these crystals were placed in the waters, my guidance was to ask that the energy of the planet’s water unite to create the potential for great healing for our Earth Mother, as well as her people.  I always end sincere prayers and intentions of this nature with: “as is in the highest good for all”. I put creation back into the hands of Creator. This way I know that all outcomes I manifest and co-create with Spirit emerge from my energies of pure detachment and trust. 

In that moment when we offered the crystal to the clear and deep waters of Lake Titicaca, I feel I became One with the Consciousness of Water.  As we flew upon the open waters of the lake, between the Island of the Sun and the Island of the Moon, my heart filled with great love from my expansive connection to All That Is.  The gratitude and bliss that I felt cleansed and balanced everything within me and around me.

Following our crystal gifting ceremony, the wind and rough waters of the lake precluded us docking on the Island of the Sun in an ordinary way.  It was challenging and a bit frightening to inch our way across the four inch edge of the hydrofoil’s side, one foot at a time, all the while gripping a small railing on the bucking ship’s side. There was a hand of assistance during our final jump onto the dock, where I gratefully experienced the energy of the island once on solid, and blessedly still, land.  A smiling young boy offered his hairy pig water on the Island’s shores, and a small cottage enveloped in pink roses graced the water’s edge in front of us.

The land mass of the “Isla Del Sol” is believed to represent the Earth’s navel to the Inca people.  We visited several sites on the island, always climbing up and up its steps and terraces.  We were delighted to eventually discover a water fountain on the island’s upper reaches.  Three forceful streams of water once flowed outward from the rocks at this sacred place.  Now only two remain active, as the already pure lake waters percolate up and filter through the island’s core before pouring out to join the land, and quench the people. We were guided to perform a Water Ritual at this site.

I also received clear guidance to drink from one of the pure streams of water that showered out from the island’s core through the spout on the rocky wall. It tasted like sweet, cool nectar, and I felt blessed to feel the waters purify my physical body as they also nourished my soul.

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