Our bodies, as well as the Earth's surface, are about three quarters water.  Our bodies' frequency and vibration can be said to resonate and entrain with the frequency and vibration of Earth.  As our bodies purify and heal, so heals the Earth.  As we consciously contribute to the healing of the planet, we create the perfect environment for our own healing.  We join one another in Spirit as we co-create this transformative, circular energy of healing and love.  Its power surrounds us and is fully available to us now.  We need only connected with it consciously and communicate our desire for healing.  We then open to receive it, with trust and gratitude.  

I feel that water has a distinct and active consciousness. Dr. Emoto's large body of research has proven this through amazing photographs of the crystals that form as water freezes.  Music, intention, and even words taped to the water’s bottles all affect the minute frozen crystals, which are visible to researchers only through powerful microscopes.  Polluted water usually forms blobs rather than crystals as it freezes, but when this water is prayed over, the crystals that form appear magnificent and beautiful.  The visionary and thoroughly entertaining movie “What the Bleep Do We Know"  features this information, as well as presenting in an understandable way the most cutting edge quantum theory and its relation to metaphysics.  Science is seen supporting the Truth of Spirit.  

In a beautiful way it becomes crystal clear that our connection to water is more than skin deep.

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