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Sedona, the Medicine Hat Paint

medicine hat paint

Sedona is a gaited, Medicine Hat Paint Mare. Medicine Hat Paints have a cap of dark hair around their ears surrounded by white. On her chest the brown pattern is called a war shield. Her coloring is considered the most sacred to many Native American tribes. She would have been the center of a whole village. I had her a year before I did a little research into her color patterns and ran down to the barn that night to see if she actually was a Medicine Hat Paint. The year had been one of great healing for both of us, and it brought tears to my eyes when I realized that she was one of the special Spirit Horses. Not long after finding this out about her, I began offering Horse Medicine sessions here at the Ranch. One of my favorite pony books as a child was about a Medicine Hat Paint, and I attracted one into my own life!

When I was turning 50 in 2007 I was strongly guided to get a horse again, even though I had been without them for over 10 years and honestly thought that phase of my life was over. So I casually and playfully looked at one of the many horse sale websites. In the search engine I put three words, gaited, paint, and Arizona. Exactly one horse came up and her name was of course Sedona. Even though the vet had some reservations about her soundness, I knew she was was the one, and it was an easeful, flowing transition to have horses again.

Gaited horses are breeds that have different gaits than the average horse. Because Sedona has no papers, her age can only be estimated, and her breed is unknown. She was probably born around 1997. Sedona does not trot, but she has a footfall called a running walk instead. She can be taught to trot like most horses, but you cannot teach a horse with standard movement patterns to gait. So she is quite rare physically, as well as in her abilities to assist people in their healing processes. With everyone she is about the most gentle, kind, patient, and willing horse on the planet. She allows people to feel their feelings with complete acceptance. She acknowledges when people are being truly authentic. She keeps her energy field clear, as we set the intention early on that all the animals understand it is not their job to take things on for people who release old stuff during sessions with them.

Sedona is a most perfect witness, and a wonderful teacher of courage as well as the true meaning of freedom. Because horses are very telepathic, just being in her presence increases those abilities in people. Riding her is amazing, I call her my rocking chair that reads my mind. Totally sensitive and very present. We reflect each other in many ways. She is a treasure.


Amber Nugget and Pharaoh's Star


Nugget came to the ranch in October 2011. I asked for the universe to send another horse for the Medicine Horse herd, as Sedona was getting a lot of deep healing sessions and might need a day off sometimes.

A day or so after setting that intention, while visiting a local tack shop I saw an ad for a very pregnant Palomino. I dismissed it, as a baby horse was not something I wanted to deal with. But I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about her so I called the shop in the morning to get the phone number off the ad. The first synchronicity is that the ranch next to where Nugget was was actually where my vet lived!

I went over there excited but with trepidation. My number has always been 555, and just when I pulled up there were three fives on the odometer. The vet looked her over and couldn’t find anything overtly wrong, and estimated she would give birth in a few weeks. That she was four years old. The people selling her did not know she was pregnant when they got her.

I checked in with guidance, got a big yes, and I bought her! It was that fast. And then I got back in the car at 5:55 PM. I just sat there staring at 555, repeated twice. Quite a confirmation. The universe was quite clear with applauding the decision.

Nugget’s son, Pharaoh’s Star, was born at 2 AM on 11-20-2011. She was a wonderful first time mother, and she is a patient and sweet Medicine Horse. She is a dappled, sabino, Palomino, every little girls dream pony.



Charlie the mini donkey

Little Charlie is a 34 inch mini donkey. He was rescued in honor of Spirit, who passed away a few months before he came. He was in an Oklahoma kill pen at risk of going to slaughter. Two other pregnant females were also there and were bought before him, they were probably carrying his babies. It was one of those impulse rescues. One done very late at night, in 2016.

It was important to get him healthy so he went to a private ranch and had some vet care. Being at those places created some respiratory illness. He then arrived on a big trailer in the biggest stall because he was too short to fit tied up straight with the big horses!

I was told that mini donkeys can be unpredictable and possibly bite or kick, and there was no promising that he had been handled. I was told he was 10 to 15. He was actually only two and an absolute puppy dog from the minute he came to the Ranch. He can go for walks like a dog.

To be safe he had 30 days in quarantine and stayed wonderfully healthy and is now part of the herd. Other than with Star, who likes to herd him like a border collie.

Charlie does really well with everyone. Especially anyone who has a fear of horses, as does Sedona. He’ll just wrap his head around people, and asks for more scratches. A client said that it looked like Charlie was backing up to kick him. I said no, he’s just an ass that likes his ass scratched.

He doesn’t know how little he is, and he just likes to please. It’s been a joy to have him here at the ranch.



rescued mustang Shanti

11-7-12 to 4-17-16

Spirit came to the ranch at the end of December, 2012. On December 29th, while in an airport in Honduras, I received an email about a 7 week old orphaned colt who needed a home. His mom had died at birth. He was living in a small pen by himself in Sedona.

Already having a 1 year old colt who was more than a handful, I hesitated. But not for long because as soon as I saw him, I knew. We brought him home after dark in a heavy snowstorm the very next day! Just in time as he was being given cow's milk, was eating straw and had a belly full of worms. And my guidance said he may have been lost to coyotes. Sedona was a kind and patient and protective nanny from the moment Spirit arrived. I put them together right away and just knew that she would be good with him.

Spirit held space here at the ranch, and in my heart, for 3 1/2 years, before he passed away from colic and digestive problems. He was a special, special boy. He communicated with me that his choice was to have a short life this time around, and he actually stayed longer because of how much he was loved. He was the goofiest, biggest, most robust horse here before he left his body.

During a big retreat here with microphones and tents and many people, Spirit was a calm and gentle boy, ready to step into his role as a Medicine Horse. It was a gift to see that soon before he left his body. He wanted to show me how much he trusted me, how much of a healer he was even at a young age. He still communicates and has been a Spirit animal for me.

Run in peace beautiful boy, until we ride again...



rescued mustang Shanti

Shanti is a rescued mustang from Nevada

1994 (according to BLM freeze brand) to June 3, 2014

On June 3, 2014, Shanti left her physical body, after over a year of pain from founder. Her Spirit stayed strong and she was always gentle and patient throughout a long struggle of ups and downs, and many valiant efforts to assist her healing. Her body was already weakened from neglect and the joint disease she suffered before being rescued and brought to the ranch in 2008. It was time to let her go. She was ready. She is running free again, with her herd, as the wild horse she always embodied.

You were such a great teacher to so many Shanti! Thank you dear girl! You taught me so much about freedom and courage. Your Spirit lives on in so many ways, especially in those of us touched so deeply by your generous heart. As well it lives on in the young geldings Star and Spirit taught so wisely by you as both their protector and leader. They still call out for you Dear Shanti. Come to them in Dreamtime and show them you are safely home, and running free again.

Adele and Shanti



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Colt, Baby Horse, Sedona

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