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Horse Medicine Sessions

Creating Harmony and Core Balance through Connection, Trust, and Self Awareness

No horse experience necessary

On a beautiful ranch in West Sedona, in the shadows of Thunder Mountain, be initiated into the Spirit of The Medicine Horse. If you are an experienced rider, or have never been on a horse, this session is for you.  If you do have any fears that arise during your session, or a general fear of horses, we move very slowly. You are supported, and are always at choice.  If you have had many hours in the saddle, you will have the opportunity to ride at your own level of experience, bareback, if desired. 

Each session is experiential, and meets you exactly where you are.  First greet each of the horses, and feel how unique each animal's personality and energy is.  You may pull a Horse Medicine Card, to allow even more healing and insight into your session. Meet with your quiet Medicine Horse in her paddock, on her own terms.  Groom her and connect, and set your intentions for your session.   Be open to learn the language of the horse through Natural Horsemanship; as true Horse Whisperers speak it.

Notice how horses have great awareness, presence and trust.  Mirror this back to your horse through your body and energy, and if you choose to ride, allow yourself to ground fully into your body, your heart center, and the earth.  Close your eyes and breathe, deeply into your belly, as your horse does. Ground into your body, and feel how this affects your horse, as she receives it. As you scan your body, notice any old holding patterns if they emerge, and allow them to shift and release.  Give your emotions permission to be heard, as you become part of the herd.  Feel the connection grow between you and your horse, as you become authentic and are in your own truth, just as horses always are.  Feel how supported you are, as your Self-confidence grows. 

There are no limits, only infinite potentials to expand yourself, your trust and your beliefs.

1 hour is $133, 1.5 hours is $188.
Add one or two more people, $222
Reiki and readings and gentle bodywork also available, $133 per hour

Private retreats with or without lodging are offered.

Please also consider bringing your group retreat to the ranch for Horse Medicine, Reiki Attunements, Chakra teachings, or Sound Healing.

The ranch has a beautiful meeting space with hundreds of crystals and crystal skulls available for your groups, for up to 15 people. There is a very special medicine wheel built and blessed by a Russian Shaman on the property, that may be used for ceremony.

Call Adele for more information,
and to book your session or retreat.

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All donations will go to support the Medicine Horses and their special needs, including their hay, supplements and herbs, healthcare, hoof and teeth care and feed, as well as help with field cleanup and maintenance. Sedona, Star, Charlie, Casper, and Firestar send you their deepest thanks.


Horse for Healing Sedona, AZ     Horse Riding Therapy Sedona, AZ

“Our whole family immensely enjoyed our time with Adele and Sedona (the horse).   From 18 months old to 83 years of age, each child and adult had the opportunity to connect one-on- one with Sedona. Together, Adele and Sedona worked seamlessly to hold a patient, calm, loving space for each individual to have a soulful experience that helped to build personal confidence as well as respectful understanding for horses. I highly recommend this experience.”
-Anahata, mother of two, auntie of five

“What is unique about Sedona (the horse) is that she is so profoundly calm and present.  Adele and Sedona have a beautiful relationship of respectful understanding that potentiates a trusting, healing experience.” 
-Tracey S

“Adele is one of the realest people I’ve ever met. Our healing session brought so much to the surface that needed healing as well as simply to be brought to light. I visited her ranch four months ago and I’m still actively integrating the deeply personal wisdom she gave me. Adele is so kind, truthful, intuitive, and down to earth. The ranch is also magical and a rich ground for ceremony. I feel so connected with and in communication with nature when I am there, and I really can’t wait to visit again.” 
-Lauren D

“Harmony Ranch Sedona is an extraordinary, extra special place. It is the embodiment of nature, healing, spirituality, comfort, and joy. Every moment I was there, I was lifted to a higher place and/or inspired to look inward to touch base with my very essence. It’s hidden away in the perfect spot, but still easy to get to. The people and animals here are filled with love, and they are always working to heal and help others. I am so grateful I have been able to visit, and spend time here, it is absolutely priceless and etched in my heart and soul. The first time I visited, it was almost like coming home.” 
-Lon H

“I would highly recommend spending healing time at Harmony Ranch. Many other places in Sedona offer similar a la carte healing at a much higher price point then you can find with Adele. It’s one-stop healing shopping at Harmony Ranch! When you arrive at the ranch the vibe is serene and the view is breathtaking. My experience was hands-on horse work. I brushed the horse, breathed with the horse, and all the while Adele got insights throughout the process. I was able to meet many other animals such as Charlie that handsome and loving donkey who I’d like to take home with me! Next was saddling up and Adele walked the horse while having me say affirmations aloud. This was at sunset as the moon was appearing. Magical! Transformative! I left after several hours feeling like a real personal breakthrough had occurred. If you love animals and are open to closing some doors while opening new ones, Harmony Ranch is the place for you!” 
-Rescue Roger and his Mom

“My time on the ranch was magical. It was healing in so many ways and Adele has a spiritual connection with her lovely horses that I’ve never seen anyone have before. The way she communicates with them is truly remarkable and something to experience. The grounds also felt very spiritual and nurturing. Adele is a natural healer and has a big heart. I hope to visit again in the near future.” 
-Michele S

Our Bond With Horses

Imagine a bond so great, so precious, that you trust your very body, mind and spirit with another Being.  Imagine a connection that runs deep, back through history and thousands of years, and into this perfect, present moment; bridging differences and disparate needs.  Imagine a creature so noble, so true, that its very Being enchants us and elicits great reverence, honor, myth and respect.  Open to conceive of this connection, between human and horse, as a vehicle to better know your True Self.

There is nothing hidden in the presence of a horse.  They are inherently telepathic and empathic, and can know instantly our level of authenticity. They mirror our innermost thoughts and feelings, even those we choose to keep deeply hidden. They sense if we are masking our true feelings, needs or desires, or not expressing our truth.  They gently nudge us to open more fully, to embrace our true natures.  They know of our shadow, and invite us to illumine it through acceptance, love, honesty, forgiveness and understanding.  No grudges held, no apologies required.  We are asked to simply show up, ground ourselves fully in our bodies, connect, and prepare for the ride of our lives.  

Be fully present in each moment with this creature, for he offers to open you to your own truth, to aspects of your soul that you may not otherwise so easily reach.  He connects you to your own infinite freedom and ability to rise above any fear or egoic longing.  He allows you the freedom to feel your emotions fully, without judgment.  He is always true to himself, and in being his Truth, he enables you to reach new levels of self-awareness and expression of Who You Are.

Every time we interact with horses, we enter into a special, even sacred agreement.  We are from the race that once hunted and even still chooses to kill these magnificent creatures, yet they are willing to fully trust us and allow us into their sphere of existence.  We may touch their most sensitive areas, place tack from animal skins upon their bodies, and even sit astride their strong, swift backs.  They literally open their prey-based boundaries and vulnerabilities and invite us, a species that is predatory, into their world.  They have fought with us, birthed with us, fed us, carried our children, and opened us to new territories and lands.  On horseback letters were carried, food was transported, fields were plowed, wagons were pulled, and dreams were realized.  Not beasts of burden at all, but willing collaborators, gifting us in so many ways, for so many generations.  We see who they are, accept their gifts, and with gratitude and grace open to connect with them now, through Spirit Horse Sessions.  

All donations will go to support the Medicine Horses and their special needs, including their hay, supplements and herbs, healthcare, hoof and teeth care and feed, as well as help with field cleanup and maintenance. Sedona, Star, Charlie, Casper, and Firestar send you their deepest thanks.




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Meet the Medicine Horses

Meet the Medicine Horses

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