Water Healing Ritual involved praying at sacred sites around the world, as guided, where water was present.  With permission, we poured a small amount of water from our bottle that contained seed water collected from seven special sites, and then added a small amount of water to the bottle from the sacred site where the prayers and ritual were performed.   At the end of our trip we had water from over 30 sacred sites, from a total of eight countries, in the bottle.

The initial guidance for this process came through in Chaco Canyon, NM, in August of 2003.  This area had been calling to me for years, after showing up in my life in many different ways.  During a road trip with Dan through the Southwest desert, at this spectacular site of 8000 rooms in buildings that maintain complex astrological orientations, a lone water pump called out to me.  I was guided to put some of the water from this deep desert well into an empty bottle.

During another stop as we traveled the Four Corners area, I was guided to pray as I poured the Chaco water into one of the mountain streams in Crestone, Colorado.  After I made my way through the thick stream bank vegetation and began to pray, words came out of my mouth that I was not intending to say! 

As I called Spirit in, the words “Creator of All, that I AM”, came forth, and I felt a huge creative power sweep through me as I continued my prayer. I felt extremely light, and unburdened and free, buzzing with high vibrational energy.  I became one with the water; could feel its energy; could hear its voice; as I prayed on the stream bank that evening as the sun fell, at the base of the snow capped mountain in the cool, vibrant Colorado air.  I collected water from this stream, and on our return trip to Sedona, gifted Oak Creek with some of it as we drove down the canyon. This became the start of the Seed Water…

The energy of Water Healing Ritual that came through as we traveled the Southwest became the impetus for our worldwide sacred site journey.  We left Sedona on the first day of winter, 2003, and returned the first day of spring, 2004.


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