"Creator of All, that I Am, the energy of the planet’s waters now unite to create great healing for our Earth Mother, and her people.

Fill our hearts with love and peace as we transcend the densities of this physical plane and in this moment unite in the frequency of pure GOD light; light of the highest frequency and vibration that our physical bodies can now carry and transmit. 

We unite in the divinity that is in our hearts.  We invite the high vibrational energies of Infinite Love, Compassion and Acceptance to become one with us for all our time on this Earth. 

We invite, in this moment, the energy of total forgiveness and acceptance into our fields, as we transmute old energy patterns and cleanse ourselves and others in total love and total forgiveness. 

We love ourselves and each other totally and compassionately, as God does.

We pray this in the name of Earth Mother and Earth Father, as the Creators that we are."

~ ~ ~ AND SO IT IS!  ~ ~ ~ 


Every day of our lives, we are afforded multiple opportunities to remember, thank and bless our connection to water.  Just think how many times a day you wash, flush, scrub, soap up, rinse off, cook with, pour, pass, touch, feel and drink water!  Why not “tap in” and become mindful, many times each day, and remember your oneness with H2O.  Even when you look in the mirror remember that the seemingly solid “You” is really mostly fluid.

Just a simple feeling of appreciation for water, and regular acknowledgment of your connection to it, creates an amazing field of connection between you and the world. 

Appreciating water is appreciating your body, and your planet. Healing for all naturally flows and separation melts away, as the ice in a glass, when we open our hearts and recognize how much our bodies, and our spirits, share.  

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