~Kauai; Last Stop of the Journey~

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We awoke the next morning and felt such excitement and expectation, and maybe even a little nervous tension, too.  We would actually be back in Sedona later that night, for the first time in three months!  There was a surreal quality to the very idea of this.  What would being back in a more normal lifestyle actually feel like, we wondered?  And what gifts would the last day of the Journey bring us?

We performed a Water Healing Ritual in the beautiful blue Pacific, just outside the door of our Inn.  The sun was behind clouds; the sky somewhat gray. This was most likely our last Water Ritual of the Journey, and we savored the sweetness of our prayers, sending blessings to all the earth’s precious waters.  As the day evolved, we later were actually called to perform one more Water Ritual, and it was the most special and amazing and guided and miraculous Ritual of the trip.

 We were to meet Paula at a location convenient to us all, so she could lead us over to Gary’s “special land”.  We were not given much information about the land.  She did tell us that she felt it was very important that we make this connection with Gary and his seven acres, though she wasn’t being shown why yet. On the way to meet Paula, we stopped off to pick up the developed film from the day before, which included the dolphin photos taken on the catamaran trip.  The pictures just took my breath away.  I had a picture in each hand, and just kept looking back and forth between the two of them as they touched me on a very deep level. Very palpable magic had flowed between the dolphins, me, and my little camera, which had clearly recorded the energy of the connection in all its intricate beauty and wonder.


I was on a roughly moving catamaran, and yet the picture of a single dolphin, Light Dancer, shows her with absolute crystal clarity, as if she is suspended in time and space, one with all the elements. Such beauty and grace and plays of light within the image; no person could create such energy in a photo.  There was one other photo that was captivating, Light Wave, which pictures a trio of dolphins sliding through the clear Pacific in perfect unison.  I held one picture in each hand knowing that these images were part of a “bigger picture”, and that they were most surely the gifts that had been announced to me.  I knew that the dolphins themselves chose to impart their essence in this magical way to the film.  What a privilege to share these gifts with the world.

I was utterly blissed out as we followed Paula’s car, and can’t even remember the drive. We got out of the car at the land and were greeted by the peacock guardian of the property. We saw Gary off in the distance, on “an island on an island on an island”.  Two Kauai rivers create an island of land between them, and on this special location, Gary had land with a pond on it, and the pond had a small island in the middle. This island within the pond was the last island in the equation.  He saw us arrive with Paula, but did not stop his tending of the land on the innermost island to greet us.  He only gave us a quick wave.  He had a shovel in his hand, and seemed very intent on his project.  It felt a bit awkward, but Paula was undaunted by his seeming lack of interest in us, and took us around the land.

There were huge stands of reeds in one area that drew me instantly.  As I stood in them, I heard that they held the energy as ‘filters’ for the land. Paula told us that in the movie Dragonfly, with Kevin Costner, a sequence had been filmed in these very reeds. We had just seen the movie about a week before while still in Australia. Information just poured into me at this point, and when I touched the reeds, I felt my belly rumble and churn, and began to see that everything on the land represented parts of both a complete physical organism, as well as of one of its cells. This was no ordinary place. In different areas I identified a brain, lungs, a heart, skin, and other body parts.  Both the micro and the macro were perceived as I felt the organelles of a cell, also.  I felt an incredible connection to this place, and heard it speak to me with a clear and identifiable voice.  The land felt truly alive in the most deep and accessible way to me. I was a bit stunned by my connection to this special place as it opened itself up to me, and I to it, and I knew that the only way to proceed at this point was to surrender and trust that we had been brought here for a reason.



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