~Kauai; Last Stop of the Journey~

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To reach the island within the pond on Gary’s land, we had to walk through chilly water which reached up to above our knees.  After exploring the nooks and crannies of the land, Paula invited us to enter the water, and Gary still seemed to be involved deeply in his project for the day.  When we set foot on the innermost island, on the island on an island, Gary put down his shovel, and in a slightly trembling voice, announced that he was done.  I thought, great, now we can be properly introduced!  What an intense man!

I noticed he appeared shaky and that it looked as though there were tears in his eyes.  I began to realize that when Gary announced that he was “done” to us, he was not referring to finishing a small project, or even a few months work.  As extraordinary as this sounds, he meant that he had just completed 13 years of earth tending on this land, at the precise moment we set foot on that island with him. He “heard” that he was finished, finished what guidance had been calling him to do in infinite detail for over a decade.  He had carefully followed his guidance, without even having a clear idea of what was to eventually happen on his very special island.  He just knew what he had to do, showed up, and became the instrument of the creation.

It is now clear that he been led to prepare this land for what was to happen that very day with us. We were two people he had not even met until the day he completed 13 years of preparations, both on the physical land, and within himself most certainly, also.  Our Sacred Sites Journey was certainly a preparation for us, too.  We were an integral part of the reason that this most perfect piece of the Earth had been readied.  Even as I relate this, the day’s events seem almost impossible.  But everything is possible, isn’t it, when we open ourselves in a good way, and align to who we are? Even more than we can imagine becomes possible, as we think big, allow ourselves to become part of the flow of creation, and open to receive the highest gifts of our manifestations.

 We were all close to speechless, as the synchronicity of the moment revealed itself to us.  The energy was so intense that I had to focus on deep breaths and keeping my balance, or risk losing my groundedness and a possible fall right back into the water. We had a ceremony to do, the four of us.  We all felt it, and recognized that it was very important on many levels.  For me I can now see that it extended from the micro to the macro, just as the land had shown me characteristics of both.  As the micro was represented to me as the parts of a cell, and the macro as the larger systems, I could see that each of our individual healing processes extended into the collective consciousness grid of the planet, and that as our energies joined together we became part of something much bigger than the sum of our parts.  In unity with each other, the Earth’s sacred sites, the spirits of the land, the animals, the elements, and the waters of Kauai, we joined our energies in prayer and gratitude.


As we sat on the earth in the sacred circle that had just been readied for us, Gary produced a business card with an oval shape on it.  The oval was made up of 13 concentric rings, all of different colors, with a circle in the middle.  One of the innermost rings was blue.  As he described that each ring represented a piece of the island’s body, I realized that I had tapped into this exact energy as I had wandered the land. The land had clearly shown its purpose and true energy to me.

When Gary described knowing what each ring represented except the innermost blue ring, we pulled out some specially blessed water from Sedona that we had carried with us throughout the trip, in its dark blue bottle.  He instantly “knew” that this was what the blue ring on the card represented. He was incredulous, but remained open to whatever needed to happen between us.  We placed it in the center of the circle, along with our Water Ritual water which held the water and the energy of the more than 25 Sacred Sites we had visited.  Paula also carried a bottle of a specially charged elixir with her, and we added a few drops of this to our Water Ritual water.  These three bottles of sacred water became a special part of our ceremony.

Words could not describe the energy that was circulating through us with the knowledge that we were meant to be together holding this ceremony in a sacred way, and also how clearly we were being shown that our meeting was part of a greater plan.  At that point, what mattered most was my presence on all levels.  We four sat on the earth in sacred circle, on an island on an island on an island, and opened our Selves to Spirit.  The exact words and details have been absorbed into the cosmos, but the healing energy is with me forever. We were the Sacred Circle, the Elements, the Directions. As the embodiment of the Masculine and the Feminine, in divine balance and good will, we allowed our sacred Selves to be used for Divine Creation.

After completing our Sacred Ceremony on the Island on an Island on an Island, we performed a Water Healing Ritual in the pond, with reverence, gratitude, and joy. It was the last and certainly most potent Ritual of the Journey.  Our personal vibration had been specially attuned for it, and the land and waters had been prepared to receive it in a perfect way. We could feel the waters of all of the Sacred Sites that we visited become energized and activated and connected through our prayers.


We flew back toward Sedona in a dream state, having been blessed in so many ways. The gifts of my life, of being alive at this time on earth, fill me with such gratitude, as well as an intense longing for swift change across the planet.  Let us move together toward a world where all of us, across this great ocean of humanity, feel the blessings of being alive.  Of being safe with all our needs met and free to be ourselves in all ways.  The gifts of my Journey were both immense, and simple.  Integrating them has taken years, literally, and this writing, which I share with you in great appreciation for your interest and attention, is the biggest piece of this integration.

As I edit this draft, I am transported back, and my tears still flow from the beauty and inspiration and growth that I have gained from my travels.  The pictures transport me back, from the cloud forests of Costa Rica, to sitting in the clouds of Kauai.  Thank you, Danny, for everything, and for being the unique and infinitely loving and giving being that you are!  My heart thanks you for supporting and sharing this great adventure with me.  And if we ever choose to share fewer roads together, we are forever connected to the Earth, her waters, and her Sacred Sites, as the “children” who so adventurously explored the world together.  We’ve gone so far together, in so many ways.          

So, dear reader, I invite you to share your story, live your dreams, be who you are, and spread your light wherever you go!  Remember to remember, through awareness, who you are, and what you came here to do.  Be comfortable being transparent, and have the courage to let everyone see how brightly you shine.

There are no accidents; there is only divine timing. When we open ourselves to the synchronicities around us, we create a new interface with creation, and with the universe, of which we are an integral part. Begin your own Journey as an empowered being willing to go deep within, as well as out into the world.  Vision in the world you wish to create now.  Feel it, breathe it, have gratitude for it, and live it. See it as valid and important in its own right, and aligned with your Soul’s path. Rather than ever again “selling yourself short”, instead, reach for the stars! 


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